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Smart Business

Smart Business | Become Financially Independent

Most things in life revolve around money…

The problem is that most people’s jobs will never allow them to become financially free.

One solution is to start a business on the side through which you can earn more money without risking your current job. WealthNet offers you that opportunity.


WealthNet Franchise Opportunity:


  • Enjoy a better lifestyle
  • Buy the things you dream about
  • Move into a better home
  • Drive a better car
  • Pay for your children’s education
  • Ensure an enjoyable retirement


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Smart Products

Virtus Investment Plan

Have you ever wondered how those “lucky” few people were on the right spot at the right time, somehow had access to the right information and bought shares in great companies and realised healthy profits for themselves? Virtus Investment Plan subscribers buy shares in a Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment Investment Company (SEI1 or SEI2), that actively seeks and invests in Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment opportunities, listed companies on the JSE and other investment instruments.

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Gold Insured Benefits 

At one time or another, most people have worried about losing their jobs or having money available in case of an emergency such as being hospitalised unexpectedly. Many people fear what will happen to loved ones in case of their death or disability. The Gold Insured Benefit offers multiple solutions to everyday problems within a single product that offers excellent value for money.

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Gold Insured Benefits


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Funeral and Beef Benefit