About Us

WealthNet (Pty) Ltd (“WealthNet”), a StratCorp Ltd subsidiary, is a referral marketing company which markets the products of StratCorp Group Companies as well as the products of other independent companies.   WealthNet provides an opportunity for WealthNet Licensees, also referred to as Independent Marketing Agents (“IMA’s”), to earn a passive income by successfully referring people to the wonderful products on offer.  By entering into a Marketing License Agreement with WealthNet and by paying the monthly License Fee, WealthNet Licensees or IMA’s have the right to use the WealthNet App and/or website (www.wealthnet.co.za) to market and or refer the products for which they will receive referral fees for successful referrals.

  • WealthNet has been in business since January 2005.

  • WealthNet is a StratCorp Group Company.

  • WealthNet is authorised to market the products of Strategic Portfolio Solutions (Pty) Ltd ("SPS").  SPS is an Authorised Financial Services Provider (FSP48198).

  • WealthNet has paid out more than R100 million in earnings to members in last 10 years.

WealthNet is committed to offering our clients quality, innovative and affordable products and to rewarding our IMA’s for their efforts by offering them a healthy remuneration structure thus keeping both our clients and IMA’s committed to our products and company.

When you join WealthNet as an IMA, you will get much more than just products to market and the opportunity to supplement your income. You’ll experience our culture of fun, family, success, growth, passion, and integrity that will bring out the best in you and inspire you to help bring out the best in others.


WealthNet is a South African company that strives to provide South Africans with quality, innovative and affordable products. WealthNet currently offers its customers financial products and Health Products and will soon be adding other products to its product range.  

Financial Products

We believe in providing affordable solutions for our clients which will assist them financially in times of need such as when they or a loved one passes away, or are disabled or have a medical emergency.

We provide our clients with the opportunity to purchase affordable, quality financial products that suits their needs. Through the WealthNet App, website and professionally trained FAIS Accredited Agents, prospective clients are provided with all the information they require in order for them to select the products suitable to their own lifestyle and make their own informed decisions as to which products will best suit their needs. We simply provide, the products. Our clients, make their own decisions, keeping them in control of their own lives and budgets.  WealthNet, Strategic Portfolio Solutions, Asterio and associated companies and their employees and or representatives and or WealthNet Licensees do not provide any form of Financial Advice whatsoever.

WealthNet is authorised to market products on behalf of Strategic Portfolio Solutions (Pty) Ltd an Authorised Financial Services Provider (FSP48198). Asterio Investments (Pty) Ltd is also a representative of FAIS It Solutions (Pty) Ltd.  Strategic Portfolio Solutions (Pty) Ltd is mandated by African Unity Insurance Ltd, an Authorised Financial Services and Product Provider (FSP8447), to market certain products on their behalf.

The following financial product are available:

  • Gold Insured Benefits
  • Platinum Insured Benefits and
  • Funeral Plan
  • Enhanced Funeral Plan
  • Asterio Medical Insurance


Health Products

I-Cura (Pty) Ltd (“I-Cura”) is a wholly owned subsidiary of StratCorp. I-Cura was formed in 2008 after the company organised a range of Natural Health & Lifestyle products to be manufactured exclusively under the I-Cura brand.  Fulvic Acid (“CHD-FA”), contained in our products, is patented internationally, including the EU, USA and Africa.

I-Cura products containing Fulvic Acid will help you to maintain your health and live a better quality of life by assisting your body to absorb crucial nutrients thereby helping you to have a strong, healthy immunes system. 

CHD-FA is like a SHIELD that protects your body and assists in improving your health.

  • I-Cura Life

  • I-Cura Cream

  • I-Cura PuriTox

Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment (BBBEE)

We support Broad-based Black Economic Empowerment (BBBEE), a government policy to advance economic transformation and enhance the economic participation of black people in the South African economy. Therefore, StratCorp is a BBBEE company with the majority of shareholders held by black people in the Empowerment Investment arm called Kose Kose (Pty) Ltd.