Insured Benefits

The Gold and Platinum Insured Benefits offer you a basket of six different benefits and great value within a single policy.


Funeral Benefits

The saddest day in one’s life is When someone close to you passes on. We know we can’t change circumstances...


Medical Insurance

Asterio Medical Insurance works similar to a medical aid. For a fixed monthly fee you receive day to day benefits and extensive hospital cover.


Natures Way

Have you ever wondered why our ancestors were rarely sick, but it seems like our generation regularly attract all kinds of bad fungus, bacteria and viruses?

We often also hear how strong and energetic our ancestors were, yet we experience weak immune systems, low energy levels and chronic fatigue. Why?

The answer is simple

There is not enough Fulvic Acid in the soil that was once one of nature’s natural substances that ensured that our bodies absorb the crucial nutrients to be able to have a strong, healthy high immune energetic body.