Protecting yourself and your family against unforeseen circumstances is something we believe everyone should consider, whether it’s protecting against premature death, providing for dependants or protecting against the loss of earnings due to retrenchment. But for most people, their overriding concern in the event of illness, injury or death is that the family would be unable to maintain their standard of living.

Therefore adequate protection is not only a luxury for the selected few but it is a necessity for ALL. It is essential that one has protection for when ‘life happens’ as they say, a protection which is affordable and caters for basic needs.

Of importance to any financial plan is to protect yourself and your family against downside risks. We all hope this will never happen. But it is important to have these strategies in place to protect your family against unforeseen circumstances.

Should you or a loved one pass away, the lasts thing you or your family needs in this time of grieving is to have to worry about where to find the money to provide you or your loved one a dignified burial. The average cost of a funerals has risen drastically so it is more important than ever to have something in place to help pay for your funeral.  Some people think it’s better to just put some money away in savings, but it is easy to dip into your savings - and once it’s gone, it’s gone.  By taking out a funeral plan today, you will be able to ease the financial burdon on your family should you or a loved one pass away thus allowing your family the comfort in knowing that they will be able to provide a dignified barial for their loved ones.   

Some risk protection strategies we may use include:

  • Funeral Benefits
  • Medical Insurance
  • Permanent Disability Benefits
  • Cancer Trauma Benefits
  • Hospitalisation Compensation Plans
  • Retrenchment Assistance Benefits
  • Commuter Travel Death Benefits